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Why Concrete Staining Is The Most Preferred Flooring in Hammond Louisiana

Concrete Floor Overlays - Are They Worth The Investment?

Your floors are the foundation of your home, and if you’re looking for a quick way to upgrade them, concrete overlays might be just what you need and if you live in Hammond Louisiana, you're in luck! R&J Concrete Coatings is the company to contact and they're the best in this field.

Concrete has many benefits that make it an attractive option over carpet or tile installation. It is durable, low maintenance, easy to install in any room of the house-even on stairs-and can be installed without having to worry about seams.

This article will explore all the reasons why concrete overlays are worth considering before making a decision on the type of flooring for your home!

What Are Concrete Floor Overlays?

Concrete floor overlays are a solid, one-piece installation that is applied to the existing floor.

They have a similar composition to traditional concrete in their makeup, but they feature an additional top layer of polyurethane resin for added resistance and durability.

Concrete overlays come in varying thicknesses and can be easily installed over old or new concrete. They are often used to spruce up ugly concrete floors by covering them with a fresh, new surface that can be customized to your tastes and preferences!

How Do I Know If My Floors Are Ready For An Overlay?

If you’re wondering whether or not your floor is a good candidate for an overlay, you’ll want to consider whether or not the existing concrete is free of cracks and debris and if it’s level.

Concrete floor overlays are suitable for many different thicknesses of concrete; while thinner floors will need to be prepared in some way (such as adding a base layer), thicker ones might not require any preparation at all.

Anyone who has ever redone a floor knows how expensive and time-consuming the process can be.

One way to offset these costs is by investing in concrete overlays, which can take your existing space and transform it into something completely new-without having to worry about any seams.

Concrete Overlays Make For A Low-Maintenance Upgrade

If you’re looking for something that will look great but that won’t require too much work on your part, concrete floor overlays are an excellent investment!

Not only is this type of installation durable and long-lasting, but it requires little to no maintenance. Because concrete overlays are meant to overlay your existing floor, the only upkeep required is to sweep or vacuum up any debris that might be in the way.

Even with minimal care and maintenance, concrete overlays can last for many years!

What Can A Concrete Overlay Do For Me?

When you think of all the benefits of concrete overlays, it’s no wonder why people consider this type of installation to be a valuable addition to any home!

There are many different reasons for choosing concrete, including its ability to:

  • Upgrade your floors without having to worry about seams
  • Come in varying thicknesses and colors
  • Be installed on new or old concrete
  • Offer an affordable option for flooring in your home
  • Offer amazing durability and resistance to wear
  • Be used for all different types of rooms, including kitchens!

The beauty of concrete overlays is that they can be customized to suit your tastes with ease.

If you’re looking for something more original but are not sure whether or not you can pull it off, customizing your floors with an overlay might be a great way to test out some new ideas without having to invest in expensive new flooring altogether!

How to Get Started With Concrete Overlays

Ready to take your floors from drab to fab?

Before you get started, it’s important to note that there are three different kinds of overlays: decorative, stamped, and stained.

Decorative overlays are often used for accenting existing surfaces, while stamped or stained floors can be used on their own or to complement existing home decor.

If you’re not sure which type of overlay is the right fit for your flooring, consider consulting with a professional at your local home improvement store or flooring company. In just a few steps, you'll have a brand new floor!